KBV Charter

KBV was formed in April 2004 after a number of bayside councils expressed concerns about public safety issues. Victoria is one of the last States in Australia to incorporate a State Association, however, the hardworking KBVcommittee wasted no time in establishing a positive dialogue with Marine Safety Victoria (MSV), Parks Victoria (PV) and local councils.

The primary purpose of the association is to preserve access by encouraging responsible behaviour and educating the public about the sport. KBV will introduce the ‘Kite Right’ program which will see new guidelines introduced at some of Melbourne’s most popular kiteboarding locations. These guidelines recognize the unique nature of the sport and will include limited exemptions from general marine safety regulations.

KBV is affiliated with the Australian Kite Surfing Association (AKSA) now Kiteboarding Australia “KA” and Members are covered under the KA insurance policy and are eligible to enter KA endorsed competitions. KBV will also run regular competitions, social events and promotions. Our cutting edge website provides kiteboarders with the latest local and national news, current conditions and ‘inside’ information on where and when to ride.