Who are we?

The Victorian Kite Boarding Association (KBV) INC, also known as Kiteboarding Victoria [KBV] is a non profit organisation run by volunteers with a passion for kiting, with the aim of making kiteboarding safe and fun.

KBV commenced as an Incorporated Association in April 2004. It was recognised that there was a need to work with local authorities and industry participants to assist all stakeholders in such fundamental matters and safety and beach access.

Under the changes agreed in 2011/12, KBV and the other incorporated state associations are now affiliated with our national kiteboarding body, Kiteboarding Australia Limited [KAL]. All Victorian kiteboarders who are members of KAL are automatically members of KBV and vice versa.

The aims of KBV are to:

Promote a strong community of Victorian kiters

  • Promote the safe practice and enjoyment of our sport while maintaining optimum access for all kiters to Victoria’s beaches
  • Promote the sport of kiteboarding within Victoria through a spirit of cooperation with local industry, communities, councils, and agencies.

KBV has a number of initiatives in place to support its aims including:

  • Providing regular updates to all Victorian kiters (both KBV and non-KBV members).
  • Establishing and managing an annual Events Calendar with activities suited to all members and all classes of kiting.
  • Support and management of kiteboarding competitions, including management of the annual Victorian State Titles where our state’s best kiters are recognised and advanced to the National Titles.
  • Acting as a representative body and point of contact for the kiting community by working with local authorities including councils, Parks Victoria, Marine Safety Victoria , Victorian Surf Life Saving Association and local kiters
  • Promoting the growth of our sport through working with local industry and stakeholders.
  • Promoting the growth of new kiting classes and our sport’s aspirations to participate in the Olympics through the promotion and management of new competition events such as course racing and kite-x/slalom.
  • Assisting kiters with local club establishment and management.
  • Building a strong community through social events
  • Communicating local area information (such as approved kiting/boating zones, beach and water etiquette, etc).
  • Assisting kiters by actively promoting safe kiting practices, junior development and improving kiter’s skills overall.
  • Acquiring and maintaining a base infrastructure to support our community, including KBV tent, signage and barbeque etc.

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, or would like to join or assist your KBV committee, please contact us at info@kbv.com.au