Membership Insurance

From 1 January 2011 the individual KA membership will be:

Adult $125

Youth $95 (under 18 at start of calendar year)

KBV is the state affliated body of the Kiteboarding Australia (KA). KBV Membership arrangements align with the KA requirements and all KBV Members are thus also KA Members. KA undertakes arrangement of insurance on behalf of all state and other aligned kiting associations. Insurance cover is thus automatically afforded KBV Members and is what is referred to when Member Insurance is mentioned. Please refer to the KA web site for further information about insurance. The following is a summary of the policy and what it covers:

Membership Registrations for season 2015/2016

Kiteboarding Australia (KA) and your home State KA are absolutely stoked to announce that together, as the board of KA, has initiated an entirely new, on-line, central data-base membership system.

A system which will deliver direct benefits to ALL sectors of Australia’s kiting scene.

No.1 BENEFIT – Fixed price / Fixed term membership and insurance is a thing of the past.

Your KA membership and insurance now runs from the date you join for a full 12months. Our insurers and our central data base are both set up to accept full calendar year, rolling memberships.

States are looking to encourage local clubs by offering a per member allocation of funds through to this third tier of our national federation. Your home KA can advise how the local club system will work in your state.

Your KA membership provides you with $10M of 3rd party public liability insurance which is vital; not only for your own peace of mind and financial security; but also for our bargaining power in all beach access negotiations undertaken on behalf of all kiters.

Once your membership is processed on-line you will receive immediate notification by email. Within 14 days of you payment landing KA will mail out your welcome pack. This will include your numbered KA harness tag, a membership card and other ‘goodies’ your state KA provides to acknowledge your support. Joining KA  will see you welcomed at all national & state events around Australia.

This online registration is available through all state KA websites. As the network grows registration will also become available through affiliated local club sites, kite shops and schools.

How to renew your membership if you are currently a member;

Log into the KA website using the email and password you used to join.

Once your membership profile loads you will be able to click on the ‘renew’ link

If you have any queries regarding joining or renewing please contact KA at (click here)